Hey babe!

Welcome! My name is Katy and I am…

30 years old and FINALLY in control of my life!

I live in Virginia with my husband [Chris] and our small herd of animals.  I am an office manager by day and an online health coach by night — just a busy girl trying to find balance in my life in the best way possible.

Have you ever made a HUGE change in your life like moving across the country, or changing career fields, or ending a long relationship? Did it change your life so tremendously that YOU changed too? I did, and that’s when I hit my bottom.

After moving from UT to VA I was a server in a restaurant working late nights and long days. I was always tired and lazy so I would sleep in until noon (or later ), ate out constantly, and laid around with no desire to do anything in my time off. The drinks went down easy, and the pounds stacked on even easier. I always struggled with my weight and my body image growing up, but after 21, the struggle compounded.

You know when none of your clothes fit anymore, and the confidence you once had is completely lost? You probably end up hiding behind sweatshirts year round because you hate the way you look. You probably despise physical exercise, your relationships are falling through the cracks, you are exhausted and tired, and even more tired of feeling this way. I was….and I was drowning.

That was when I decided I HAD to change.

I was going to start exercising every day, I was going to stop wasting money on eating out and junk food and instead learn to cook healthy at home, I was going to focus on learning to love myself just as I was and to love it enough to WANT to be healthy.

I have now lost 50 pounds (and kept it off)  and in turn my life has improved in so many ways–because I kept those promises to myself. I have regained my confidence and self-love, my relationship is better than ever and the intimacy has returned, I can give more love to friends and family now that I have more love to give, I have energy and a desire to make healthy choices, I am able to balance 3 jobs with home life and hard work, and I have made so many amazing friends along the way.

–If you are drowning in the busy of your life.

–If you are overwhelmed from feeling exhausted and not having the energy to do One. More. Thing.

–If you have ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw.

–If you have zero self-confidence and are ready to love yourself…

Send me a message. I would LOVE to help you out in any way that I can. Every single day I am grateful that those days are in my past and each coming day is bright and new. I am so grateful that I was given tools to make this journey SIMPLE, and it is my mission to pay it forward to others. I have a passion for helping and serving friends, and I want to help you too. If you have ever felt in any way the same, let’s chat.

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