21 Day Fix Extreme Results & Review

After completing 3 rounds of Core de Force (90 days), a program that does not use any weights, I needed weights back in my life. I got AMAZING RESULTS with Core de Force, and I was on a roll and wanted to continue those great results. I had completed 21 Day Fix Extreme in the past, but rode the struggle bus through the whole program, and admittedly missed a few (or more) workouts in past times.

This time, I only missed one workout and felt FABULOUS! This program is extremely similar to 21 Day Fix – 7 workouts that target different body areas throughout the week, and repeated 3 times through. There are 2 deluxe workouts that can be subbed in, as well as an additional 10 minute ab workout that is added twice per week. Workouts include: Plyo Fix, Upper Fix, Pilates Fix, Lower Fix, Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, and Yoga plus 10 Minute HardCORE. Deluxe workouts: Power Strength and ABC.

All workouts use a set of light and heavy weights (I used 5’s and 10’s/15’s) except Power Strength (no equipment), and Pilates and Lower Fix use a resistance band. And I am not going to lie, these workouts are TOUGH! BUT, you can make them easier by using lighter weights and taking breaks when you need to. I would not suggest this program for a beginner, but if you have completed a round or two of 21 Day Fix or have already been working out, DO THIS ONE!

The eating plan is basically the 21 Day Fix plan without the treat allowance. Autumn suggests certain foods over others which are higher in nutritional value, however you can stick to any of the foods on the list if you want. There is a Countdown to Competition plan option which is basically carb cycling with super high protein and veggie intake and zero fruits, fats, or carbs. I chose not to the the Countdown because it is hard with my work schedule, and honestly just not appealing to me at all.

It felt really good to finish this program almost completely in its entirety, however my nutrition was NOT on point, and so my results were not as great as I had hoped. I KNOW I could have gotten more muscle definition and really slimmed out, but I still felt like I slimmed down a little and it was so great getting back into weights.

Here are my results: – 1.5 pounds and -1.5 inches

I will certainly do this program again and squeeze it in between longer programs because let’s face it, I love Autumn and I love the way she pushes me!!!