Day 71, Week 12, Phase 3

Week 12 is going great so far you guys! It feels so nice to be back from vacation, to feel renewed, to be OVER the sickness, back to regular routine and regular eating and just feeling GOOD this week. I was afraid that I would have a hard time coming back to timed nutrition after a little bit of a “break” during vacation, but it has been the complete opposite. I have now realized JUST how important timed nutrition has become in my life. It keeps me full, it keeps me satisfied, it helps me from binging, and I know that I am fueled properly for these hard workouts and that makes me push even harder in them. I have decided that I am at a point where I don’t *think* I have weight to lose anymore so I am going to move to my maintenance bracket after this round is over and see if I can continue the fat loss and continue the shredding. I truly am happy with my body now, but want to see how EXTRA I can get it (if that makes sense).

Hard to believe I only have 10 workouts left in this round, but also very exciting because I am actually really looking forward to going back to phase 1 and seeing how much I can step it up the next time around. I am also super excited because I have a few more friends and coaches who are going to go through it with me again this time! I get to mentor them and help them through it since I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT YALL!

With that said, this week is the final week of phase 3 so we are back to 2×15, but it is the “burnout” version where we burnout each muscle group before moving on to the next one. So far I have loved it! Monday was AAA and I felt so strong. I really pushed and was REALLY sore yesterday, lol.

Yesterday was Cardio Flow and it was the first time that I felt like I had mastered it for real. I only stopped for one break, which was super unexpected…I was doing Gorilla Crawls and all of a sudden hit the ground thinking that I pulled a groin muscle. I was on the floor in tears and had Chris bring me some ice. I laid there for a few minutes and rested and decided that it was feeling a little better and pushed through, and surprisingly by the end I felt fine (I just didn’t do PERFECT gorilla crawls, but totally ok with that). After the fact I am thinking that it was just a pinched nerve or something….whatever it was sucked, but THANK GOD it’s gone.

Yesterday was the final refeed day for the program so I had a bagel, 2 mini blueberry pies from Fixate, a waffle, and a granola bar. It was fab and I feel freaking fantastic now.

So ready to take on leg day tonight!!!! So far this week we have “retired” Phase 3 AAA and tonight we will be retiring Phase 3 Legs, which means that was the last time doing them until I get to phase 3 in my next round. Kind of sad but also super exciting and makes me feel really accomplished today.

With that said here is the Weekly Obsession from Week 12 which is almost HALF over already! So hard to believe!!!!

Round 2 starts SOON, so if you are ready to join me, just fill out this quick app and we will be chatting soon!