Day 78, Week 13, Peak Week

Halfway through peak week….4 workouts to go. This insane. The end is near, it is in sight, I can taste it… and I am SO PUMPED!!! I feel freaking awesome today. Two days of carb cycling has done my body good. The final week of this program has an optional meal plan called “deplete days,” which, like I just mentioned, is basically just carb cycling. More servings of protein, more servings of veggies, no fruit, and only one carb. Were the last two days fun? Not exactly, but they also weren’t miserable because it was a LOT of food and I certainly was never hungry. I definitely missed my fruit though. A life without fruit is no life at all in my opinion. HA! But today is leg day, so today is back to a normal eating day and it kind of feels like I am cheating to be honest. I savored EVERY bite of my apple today and loved my banana in my shake. So funny how that works!!!

This week’s workouts are also a bit different that the last phases. Autumn chose her favorite workouts from each phase and so we are doing a different workout each day this week from different phases. Monday was AAA from Phase 1, yesterday was kinda sorta Cardio Flow from phase 3, and today is Legs from phase 2. AAA was AWESOME on Monday. It *almost* felt kinda easy. I was so excited to circle back to this workout and just feel strong as hell. (Do you notice I say STRONG a lot? Should we turn it into a drinking game? Jk, please don’t.) And then in Cardio Flow yesterday I think I mastered it. I mastered my breathing, I made it through the whole thing, I didn’t die, AND my mule kicks are getting there. I WILL get some damn hang time by the end of this next round. I WILL.

After today is over, I go back to two more deplete days of carb cycling, and then one more regular day of eating and THEN I’M DONE! Like what?!?! So completely crazy. This journey has been amazing and I can’t wait to see the final results (cause the ones I can FEEL are fucking incredible)

Round 2 starts SOON, so if you are ready to join me, just fill out this quick app and we will be chatting soon!