I just finished phase 3. I am ecstatic right now! Phase 3 was very challenging, very heavy, and tested me. There have been some road bumps along my journey during this phase, it hasn’t been as “tight” as I would have like it to have been, and I am SO ready to hit Peak Week running and go straight back into day 1.

I have decided to surpass “official” photos until the end of next week, so this was a quick snap that I took this morning and made me feel REALLY good! I don’t quite have the abs that I wanted, but I have to reflect on this entire journey and ALLLL of the other major wins I am feeling, and then I forget completely about the abs that are still in progress and am just straight up freaking proud.

The trip to Costa Rica really threw me off, but it didn’t deter, stop, or sway me. I took that week off in the middle, but I picked right back up where I left off.

Also, if I am being completely honest here, my weight has actually gone up overall in this phase, and it has been playing mind games with me. I keep wondering if I am not being “good enough” on the nutrition or if I should be pushing harder in my workouts, but then I have to stab down those self-defeating thoughts and realize that I really am doing my best and changes are still happening. My measurements haven’t really changed this phase, but you can see the definition in my muscles, like my legs and core. I am consistently lifting heavier overall. My stamina in cardio has waaaay improved. I actually did cardio on Friday this week and felt totally in control of my breathing and really felt like I kept up the whole time. That is AWESOME!!!

Meal planning and prepping truly has become second nature, and I have noticed that Chris is even appreciating the increased foods and hasn’t complained at all. He is even eating fish almost weekly. 😳 SCORE!!

Here is my review of the phase 3 workouts:

AAA: I think this was either my favorite or second favorite workout this month. She changed it up a bit by having us do 5 second holds on the booty movies instead of the slow, eccentric motions which took it up a notch. There was this one move, marching glute bridge, and I was pretty sure I was going to die. Otherwise, this workout made me feel super strong and I loved all the back work vs shoulder work.

Cardio Flow: So, last month I was under the impression that we would be going to 8 reps of each move, BUT instead she had us go through all the moves with 4 reps, and THEN 8 full rounds of all the moves. It ended up making the workout about 47 minutes each and whoa. I struggled the most with this workout. I had to take a lot of breaks and one week I had a pounding headache, one week I messed up my groin… I feel like I was either making excuses or Tuesdays just weren’t my day.

Legs: Plyo is back, thank you Autumn! I used to haaaate jumping, but now I know how much it helps and thanks to my trainer, she sufficiently reminded me of that. This workout was muscle groups with a jumping move, a slider move, and a “regular” version. It was tough, but awesome. Loved this phase legs.

Total Body Core: This workout starts with surrenders to shoulder presses and I was like :O :O :O. But then it turns into 😍 and then back into :O! this is a tough workout, but i think that’s why I love it so much. So many great, hard moves and I could SEE my core working like the whole time. So great!!!

Cardio Core: Same workout, different moves, still hard af but also awesome af. Like I mentioned earlier, I truly feel like I mastered my “cardio breathing” this phase so this felt much more effective!

Booty: OK WOW! This booty was so hard, but I still loved it as well! The last move is this side lunge to curtsy lunge on a slider and all I can say is that if this one move in particular doesn’t do something to shape your booty, then I don’t know what will. THE BURN WAS SO REAL!!!

Overall, I think this was my favorite phase. You could just feel the culmination of everything compounding and coming together and making you so much stronger. Although, I think I also liked it the most because it was nearing the end and I am ready to cross that finish line and wear that badge of completion honor!


So, tomorrow starts are 13th and final week called Peak Week. Autumn takes 2 workouts from each phase to combine in to the “best of” for the final push. There is also an additional meal plan called “Deplete days” that you can follow if you want, which is basically just carb cycling. I plan to do the deplete days, which should be challenging, but also rewarding! AAA from Phase 1 is up tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how much I have improved since I last did it 8 weeks ago.

One final push to the end, HERE WE GO!

Round 2 starts SOON, so if you are ready to join me, just fill out this quick app and we will be chatting soon!