November Ipsy Glam Bag Review

It has been a while since I have reveiwed my Ipsy bags, but this morning while getting ready I realized that I use SO MANY of my Ipsy items every day, so an updated review is in order. As far as the actual bag/them goes, I LOVED this month!!! I love blue and stars and the cute design. Just perfect! Here are the items that I received this month:

-Formula X nail polish in “Huntress”

-Elizabeth Mott Color Is Bae lip lacquer in Red Chili

-Bonvivant Botanical Pure sheet masks x3

-theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash mascara

-OFRA Cosmetics banana powder

And here is what I think of each product:

Formula X nail polish(sample size): This is the second Formula x nail polish I have received and this color is to die for. The bottle is really small, but I am ok with that. I have SO MUCH nail polish, so a small bottle goes a looooong way for me. I have yet to use it because I have been getting my nails done lately, but I am thinking I may take it with me to my next appointment and have her use it on me. It is a great Christmas color! I have heard fabulous things about this brand, so I am sure it is great.

Elizabeth Mott lip lacquer(full size): Meh. Not so in love. It is REALLY REALLY bright red, and I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks. But I have to admit I haven’t given this a fair shot. I swatched it and it didn’t dry down very fast and gave up. Probably won’t use this one, but that’s ok. I will still keep it for now.

Bonvivant sheet masks(3 full size masks): LOVE! The masks are great, fit my face well, and smelled incredible. I really feel like my skin was so soft after using them. Great brand for sure. And the fact that I got THREE of them was just super exciting.

Mad Lash mascara(sample size): I am sad to say, this mascara just did not do it for me. I actually really hated the applicator. For me, it was hard to apply without getting mascara all over my eyelid, and even harder to apply on my left eye (I am right handed). Also, the way the cap comes off it just pulls up instead of screwing on, and so where the wand sits is really far down inside the tube, i.e. you can’t wipe off excess on the tube without it getting everywhere. I really love theBalm so I was super disappointed in this one.

OFRA banana powder(full size, I think): The packaging was much better than the last loose pan I got from OFRA (had a little retainer ring inside the paper cover in case you want to leave it in there), however the pans that the product come in are magnetic, so I just popped it in my z pallet and it was perfect. It was also larger than my last OFRA highlighter, so that was nice. You can see in the photo below several ipsy products I have received. The banana powder is quite obviously the yellow pan, and the other small circular pan above it to the right is the OFRA highlighter I got before. I also received that small pink square of blush from theBalm (although I laugh at the size of the “blush” sample they sent. I use it more as an eye shadow to be honest. Back to the banana powder, I use it EVERY day to set my under eye after concealer and over any red spots. I find it brightens really well and helps to disguise those red spots. Great powder!

z pallet with banana powder and other ipsy products

Overall, this bag was alright. Two of the products I will probably never use, but as much as I use the powder and loved the masks, it was well worth the $10. Very excited to get December’s bag. I already peeked at my products and can’t wait to get them. Do you look too or do you wait to be surprised when the bag shows up at home?!

Katy xoxo