28 Days To a Balanced & Busy Badass


Trust me, I know exactly how you feel right now…

2 jobs, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 boyfriend – I know what busy is.

–Between jobs, family, friends, and life you feel OVERWHELMED and have put yourself and your happiness on the back burner

–You’re TIRED of feeling constantly stressed, rundown, overwhelmed, and overweight

–You’re ready to re-arrange your schedule and INVEST a little bit of time into you

–You miss the confidence you USED to have when you slid into that pair of skinny jeans (you know, the ones you are still holding onto in the back of your closet!)

–You’re DONE telling yourself that you aren’t worth it and are DONE with putting off exercise.

–You’re tired of WISHING for your dream body and READY to earn it



Introducing 28 Days to a Balanced & Busy Badass…

A 28 day health, happiness, and fitness overhaul created by me to help women just like you – lost in the business of their lives and looking to find themselves again – mind, body, and soul.


Why work with me?

3 years ago I was the unhappiest I had been in my whole life. I was working 60 hours a week, my relationship was suffering, and honestly I hated myself. I was eating fast food and takeout most days, DESPISED exercise and was looking for a quick way out. After trying diet pills, slim-fast shakes, detox teas, wasting hundreds of dollars on gym memberships that I never followed through with and just about losing the love of my life, I was ready for a REAL solution.

Enter the Beachbody: workouts that I could do from home without wasting an hour a day driving to the gym, an eating guide that taught me exactly how much of each food I should be eating (and how often) without cutting out any food groups or starving myself, one meal a day that was already prepped for me – I just had to blend and go – which filled the gaps in my diet and got me ALL of the nutrients my body was craving for energy, good digestion, and better sleep.

Fast forward to 2017 and I have lost over 45 pounds (and kept it off), I feel energized and have clarity in my life, I figured out how to balance work, exercise, relationships, and my sanity. My boyfriend and I are at a better place in our relationship than ever before because I was finally able to let go of the self-doubt and love myself and my body and in turn love him back. I can look in the mirror and feel like I am seeing the same girl INSIDE and OUT.

Now I want to show you HOW I did it. I want to share with you the SAME tools I used to discover my inner badass and why I wanted to fight SO HARD to find her – and how REWARDING it is to just feel comfortable in my daily life. It is easy to carry groceries in from the car, I come home from work less exhausted, the thought of going to the beach and wearing a bikini doesn’t send me into tears and a downward spiral, and I am actually excited for summer for once in my life. I want you to feel this way TOO!

From 200 pounds, lost, and miserable to 155, confident and HAPPY.

In just 28 days from now…

–You’ve figured out where you are wasting time and have been able to find the time to DEVOTE to yourself everyday

–You’re finished your first workout program and realized that you CAN DO IT

–You’re GLOWING from the inside out – now that you are feeding the foods the it needs, your body is grateful and it shows!

–Those summer shorts are fitting better and now that you have seen results you WANT to keep going

–The reflection in the mirror tells your story of hard work and you love the way your body FEELS and LOOKS

–And now that you’ve learned to love your body for what it is capable of, you are able to return the love to those relationships you care for most

How will this work?

I have created this program to help you figure out your priorities and get focused. Together, we will focus on 4 key areas:

1. Figuring out how to eat a healthy and balanced diet without cutting out any food groups with a flexible meal plan that fits YOU. We will learn to use color-coded portioning containers to make meal planning, cooking, and meal prepping SIMPLE. We will also add in 1 shake per day to fill the gaps in our nutrition and help us gain energy, curb those junk food cravings, and lose weight naturally — it will be the healthiest and FASTEST meal of your day.

2. Finding the best time of day for YOU to make sure to get your workout done. After helping you figure out which workouts will get you excited about exercising, we will find time in your busy schedule to ditch the things in your day which hold you back and MAKE TIME for that workout.

3. Learning to make yourself a priority. Through weekly scheduling, weeding out the unimportant stuff, and deciding to make yourself and your health a priority, you will be able to figure out where you are wasting time and how much BETTER you feel when you focus on you and your mindset.

4. Accountability and support. You don’t have to do this alone – and you shouldn’t have to. A big reason you’ll see results in 28 days is because you’ll have the support and accountability to KEEP GOING from myself, and others on the same mission as you.

This is going to take some work, but I promise you it will be worth it!

What’s Included?


Why pay for only 1 workout program when you can have them all? With over 40 workout programs to choose from, I will be able to help you find one that will get you excited, help you reach your short and long term goals.

We will begin together with one of two 21 Day programs — an “easier” one that will really TEACH you how to eat well (with the flexibility of treats like wine and chocolate) and how to eat the right portions OR a more “advanced” program that will SHRED your body, change your relationship with food, and get you fit FAST. The workouts for the “easier” program will only be 30 minutes per day and will use minimal equipment. They have a variety of cardio, weights, yoga, and pilates to keep your body moving in new ways each day and build a great foundation for exercise, and literally ANYONE can do these workouts to fit their fitness level. For the “advanced” program they will range from 25-45 minutes and still use minimal equipment, and will be balanced between cardio and strength training.

P.s. Click the links above to watch videos about the program so you can decide which one is BEST for you!

 And when we are done with our first 28 days together, you will have OPTIONS to keep you going – for an entire year!


A month’s worth of nutrient packed shakes. Shakeology is loaded with exotic fruits/vegetables/herbs from around the world that contain all of your daily vitamins and minerals, pre/probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes for good digestion, protein to keep you full and to repair muscle after your workout, antioxidants to slow the aging process, adaptogen herbs to fight stress, phytonutrients, and everything you need so that you will feel energized, nourished, and satisfied. Plus, it tastes AMAZING, I promise!

I believe STRONGLY that drinking Shakeology each and every day was hugely beneficial in allowing me to shed the pounds quickly, and I know that by adding it to YOUR daily routine, you’ll feel the same. Since drinking it I have more energy, my digestion is regular, my skin looks amazing, my hair and nails grow super fast and strong, and I have even noticed this year my seasonal allergy symptoms have been much less.

5 flavors to choose from (in order of my preference): Cafe latte, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Greenberry. I can help you choose the best flavor(s) for you!


Beachbody understands that changing your diet and finding a healthy lifestyle can be hard – so they have taken the guess work out of it for you. Every workout program includes a comprehensive eating plan to teach you WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH of it to eat, HOW OFTEN to eat, and how to include TREATS like wine and chocolate – hello! Recipes, sample meal plans, and a cooking show will allow you to customize your meals to your liking while staying on plan and losing weight.


I have found that accountability and support are key to sticking to something new and hard. This community is available ONLY to members of this Balanced and Busy program, which creates a safe place for all of us to share our struggles and victories. I will check into this community every single day (and you will too!) as a way for me to track your progress and hold you to your goals. Recipes, motivation, meal plan ideas will be included! This will be YOUR place to ask questions or let out your frustration – I am just a post away!


Register by Saturday, July 15th and receive the following bonuses:


I have found that in order to clear the clutter from my life (and my schedule) and planning out my days/weeks are key. I have designed this printable 7 day planner to make the most of your time: track your workouts, water intake, schedule, and to-do list — all in one place.


A goal without a plan is just a dream. By planning and prepping ahead, not only will you save time on a daily basis, but you will set yourself up for successful eating and avoiding those last second snacks and “cheats.” I will share with you my top 5 meal prep tips and how I spend 1-2 hours every weekend getting ready for my upcoming week. I will also include some of my sample meal plans so you know what and how I eat to keep the 45 pounds off and get some inspiration for your own!


Part of getting control of your life is working through the tough stuff and learning to control your time and your life. Journaling can help you see the bigger picture, and with these daily prompts, you will be able to see exactly where you are wasting time, how you can establish priorities, and picture your life exactly how you want it to be.


Refer a friend, and you will get a FREE set of markers (for the more advanced program) or a FREE resistance band (for the easier program). These will get you well on your way to that body you have always wanted and will be used in conjunction with the program of your choice.

25% DISCOUNT!!!!

Join me as a coach (for no extra cost) and enjoy 25% discount on ALL products after your initial purchase. If you are doing the new, more advanced program with me then the Performance line will give you the PUSH that you need and will help you tremendously. 25% off is nice!!! Send me a message BEFORE you purchase your package so I can get you set up right!

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!



Questions? Need help picking a Shakeology flavor? Not sure if this is right for you?

Simply email me – coach@katyenglish.com – and I’ll get back to you right away!


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