Tone It Up kicked my (kettle) booty today!

I have decided to start my next workout program on the 28th of March, so until them, I am just mixing my exercises up and doing what my heart/body feels like that day. Today, Tone It Up was calling my name. I went through their weekly schedule and sort of did some mix and matching, but that is what I love about doing your own thing!

Today at work, we literally tore the entire showroom/my office apart, cleaned, re-arranged/re-organized, and put back together in one day. I got almost 10,000 steps at work, which is a TON for my normal work day. It was 75 degrees, and a beautiful day. I knew I had to honor the day and make sure to get my workout in. I ended up doing two routines from their website, my favorite being the Kettle Booty!!!

Now my thighs are screaming, and I feel great. P.S. You should go do it right now!!! πŸ™‚

And since I am on a roll of working on myself, I am also reading this book calledΒ You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. It is really bringing me down to earth. Makes me want to love myself, put myself on a higher plane, surround myself with positive energy, and even meditate! Working on your self to be a better self, isn’t all about the body. So much is about the mind, and if there is one thing that being a coach has taught me, it’s that personal development is vital. I miss my book when I don’t read it/them everyday, and it is so awesome! I call it my daily dose of happiness and kickassness, and it is completely liberating. Even thought reading these books actually makes me work more and harder and better, it feels like I am actually starting to go somewhere.

So the moral of this story is that working on you is like an amazingly huge step/accomplishment.

And today was a good day.