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Ultimate Reset Week 3 Results and Review

Excuse me while I toot my own horn for a minute… 😄📯… but I did it!!!! I completed the Ultimate Reset and feeling like a million bucks. I have done a lot of hard things, like completing 80 Day Obsession and waking up at 4:30 am regularly and losing 50 pounds before… but the Ultimate Reset […]

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Ultimate Reset Week 2 Review

I am over the hump and officially on the downhill slope to completing this program. I can say without a doubt that week 2 was much easier than week 1 for me. I have felt really good every day this week, my energy has been normal or higher (even without caffeine), I have been sleeping […]

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Ultimate Reset Day 1 is done!

I survived my first day, and am feeling really great about it today! And when I say survived, I am joking because it really wasn’t bad. Every meal left me feeling full and satisfied, I was not swayed at all by cravings (or by watching my husband eat like 3 ding dongs in front of […]

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Why I decided to do the Ultimate Reset….

Yes, I am an online health and fitness coach, but no, I am not perfect. I have been letting my sugar and food addictions be in control for too long now. Last year about this time I was almost 20 pounds lighter and feeling my best. Today, I don’t feel that great. Even though the […]

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