21 Day Fix – Round 1!

Today is day 8, and to be honest, my first week was okay.

I survived week one, however I didn’t survive my cravings. I succumbed to chocolate (although I chose dark chocolate), some chips, and a few too many glasses of wine (but literally only a few). I missed two workouts, but one of which I doubled up on the following day. Throughout the day were my victories. I didn’t drink any sodas, coffees, or the like. I didn’t snack at work. I ate really great lunches almost every day! And the workouts that I did were both challenging and doable.

I have drank shakeology every day, and I honestly do feel a little more energized. I have tried many different recipes and so far they are all really good. My new favorite “treat” one is the Oatmeal Cookie…..OMG!!!! Delicious.

But anyway, down to the real reason why you are here: my losses.

This week I lost 1 pound and 1&1/2″. Not too shabby for an unperfect week. I am really trying hard to make this week better. This week I am trying out a new strategy to have my shakeology a little bit later in the morning, skip the morning snack, and save that snack for after dinner. I am making that snack a fruit so I have something sweet in the evening and will let you know how that goes. I love having an entire week worth of meals planned out, it feels so…..easy. Sure, Sundays take a little time to plan and prep, but are so worth it!!!

In the end, I would call this a successful week.

Cheers to week 2!