21 Day Fix – Round 2, Day 15

2 weeks down, and 1 more week to go! I have to admit I am pretty disappointed with myself today. Well, really disappointed in myself for all weekend. Chris and I got into it about our car situation – 2 cars don’t run (they are antiques that we don’t need), my car rattles my brains out everytime I drive it, and the Jag got keyed on the entire driver’s side last week. I want a new car so we fought about car payments and what not. Not really fought, but disagreed and then I pouted all day on Friday. I was mad and upset so I just ate and ate and ate and ate. And drank. It was horrible. Then I did it again on Saturday after I spent 3 hours detailing/photographing/listing my car for sale. Sunday was a better day. I ran a few miles and ate much better. Cleaned the Jag before the appraiser came today to estimate the damage – and that is a whole other store. GRRR.

So anyway, I am entering the last week with no real changes from the end of the first week. I am, however, trying not to turn to food when I get angry or sad or upset or any other feeling that makes me want to eat. I knew better than that this weekend. I know the goals that I have and I know what it will take to get there, and that did not help one bit. But I am moving forward.

On the plus side, today has been great:

M1: Apple. I had a doctor appointment, and ran out of time to make my shake.

M2: A slice of leftover pizza, half a cucumber, and a slice of cheese. I reallllly wanted cheese today.

M3: Carrots and an orange.

I am heading to the gym after work to do 30 minutes of cardio and today’s Tone It Up workout, The Mermaid!

M4 will be Trinidadian Chicken Curry with coconut grits from Blue Apron. Not sure how I feel about this meal, but it is pretty healthy, so I will go for it.