How these little containers have helped me lose 50 lbs!

Katy, what in the heck are those containers and is that ALL you eat in a day?!?

Let me first start by saying that these containers truly taught me how to eat in balance and to not fear any food groups. For YEARS I counted calories and/or literally gave no shits about what I ate. It was one extreme or the other- eat everything in sight whenever I wanted and drink ALL the alcohol, or spend an hour in the gym and count every single calorie that went in my mouth to make sure I was putting in less than I was putting out. I didn’t care about where the calories came from or how much sugar they contained, etc. I just wanted to see that calorie burn number higher than the calorie eaten number.

That didn’t work so well…. After more than a year of 2+ hours to/from/and at the gym every single night to lose a few pounds and then gain it right back on the few days I DIDN’T count the calories, I was tired of the fight and was ready to try something different.

Enter the portion fix container system!!!!

Remember that stupid food pyramid we were taught in school? Where bread, pastas, carbs, etc. were the LARGEST food group of the day, followed by fruits and veggies and proteins, etc? Similar to this one…

Yeah, that is a lie. If you want to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while GETTING to your healthy weight, then I suggest you learn from me and NOT follow that stupid pyramid. It is good in theory… but in REALITY, I found a better way.

The basis of how to use these containers is you use a simple formula using your weight and lifestyle to calculate which bracket you are in. Each bracket gets a different number of containers each day, meaning you get to fill each of the containers multiple times per day, and opposite of what the food pyramid taught us, the containers have you eating mostly vegetables, then proteins, then fruits, and then carbs such as breads and pastas and starchy roots, etc. The containers make it so simple- if it fits in the container and is on the food list, then you eat it- including wine and chocolate and treats if you want them!! Here is a short video if you’d like to SEE how they work!

It is such a simple system that takes every bit of guesswork out of WHAT to eat, HOW much to eat, WHEN to eat- whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain where you are at.

And don’t be fooled to think that these containers look small and you are going to starve while using this system…. SO WRONG! I actually eat more now than I ever did when I was counting calories. It’s just now I eat more of the right foods!

They may look small, but that is a WHOLE plate of food!

Every person who joins my fitness challenge gets a set of these containers in their package, as well as a workout program to follow that tells you which bracket you fall in for your goals. If you’d like to learn more about my fitness challenges, just check it out here– I’d love to have you join me!!!