Stop, Drop, and SHIFT SHOP

If you are TIRED of telling yourself that you want to lose weight and get in shape and are READY to freaking DO IT, then I will tell you what, this workout program is FOR YOU! In just THREE WEEKS you will lose up to 10 pounds, you will begin to develop a healthy relationship with food, you will look and feel stronger, you will shift your mindset from “I can’t” to “WATCH ME”, and we will do all of this TOGETHER!

This is the brand new workout program that launches on July 12 and we are going to be among the first to try it out.

By joining me with this program, you will get to join my private online community that is uplifting, motivational, informative, helpful, and a safe place to share your journey with me so I can help you even more. We will be checking into the group EVERY DAY so I can make sure you are staying on track. I will share recipes, motivational messages, health and fitness tips, meal plans, meal prep tips, etc. I will also coach you 1-on-1 to help you reach your goals and move closer everyday to good health and happiness.

So let’s break down the program and what is included:

– Jumpstart Guide: No sitting idle. The SHIFT SHOP is all about fast results. In 4 simple steps, this guide will help you start achieving your goals on Day 1.

– Nutrition Guide: To keep your nutrition on track, this guide delivers the perfect balance of the right foods at the right time—by reducing starchy carbs while ramping up proteins and veggies week by week—so you can stay focused and get your best results.

– 3 Week Calendar: Your road map for success. The wall calendar shows you which workout to do each day, helping you shift from the body you have to the body you want.

– 6 strength and cardio workouts, bonus core + mobility workouts: Chris Downing’s breakthrough program starts you off slow, with 25-minute workouts you can really do in Week 1. Then, just as your body adapts, he increases the workout length to 35 minutes in Week 2. Finally, when your body is primed and ready for its most significant results, he increases the workout length again—to 45 minutes in Week 3.

– Color coded portion containers to use with the nutrition guide to get you targeted results – FAST!

– 30 Day Supply of Shakeology:A month’s worth of nutrient packed shakes. Shakeology is loaded with exotic fruits/vegetables/herbs from around the world that contain all of your daily vitamins and minerals, pre/probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes for good digestion, protein to keep you full and to repair muscle after your workout, antioxidants to slow the aging process, adaptogen herbs to fight stress, phytonutrients, and everything you need so that you will feel energized, nourished, and satisfied. Plus, it tastes AMAZING, I promise!

I believe STRONGLY that drinking Shakeology each and every day was hugely beneficial in allowing me to shed the pounds quickly, and I know that by adding it to YOUR daily routine, you’ll feel the same. Since drinking it I have more energy, my digestion is regular, my skin looks amazing, my hair and nails grow super fast and strong, and I have even noticed this year my seasonal allergy symptoms have been much less.

5 flavors to choose from (in order of my preference): Cafe latte, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Greenberry. I can help you choose the best flavor(s) for you!

– Private accountability group: I have found that accountability and support are key to sticking to something new and hard. This community is available ONLY to members of this Balanced and Busy program, which creates a safe place for all of us to share our struggles and victories. I will check into this community every single day (and you will too!) as a way for me to track your progress and hold you to your goals. Recipes, motivation, meal plan ideas will be included! This will be YOUR place to ask questions or let out your frustration – I am just a post away!

– BONUS: If you are able to stream video, you ALSO get EVERY SINGLE BEACHBODY fitness program on demand for an entire year. It is like the “Netflix” of fitness that you can take anywhere.

What equipment you will need:

– Light and medium set of weights to strengthen and tone those muscles girl!

Agility markers to develop agility and coordination with drills that have you navigating around, over, and between the markers, reacting to the trainer’s color “callouts.” My gift to you just for committing to good health!

Optional equipment:

PT Sandbag: Add a new form of resistance to your workouts with this easy-to-use training tool that helps sculpt and tone your entire body.

Energize: (Pre-workout) Before you get active, take Energize to help sharpen focus, push harder, and last longer. Because let’s face it, every extra ounce of energy counts when you’re looking for a winning edge.

Hydrate: Typical sports drinks can have too much sugar and artificial ingredients that can actually dehydrate you. And water alone doesn’t effectively hydrate during training or replace what you lose through sweat. Hydrate gives you an optimal balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water to quickly replenish what’s lost, helping you train longer.

Recover: Take Recover after every workout to help training exercise‑induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, promote muscle growth, and improve muscle strength recovery.


When does this start?

We will be starting this journey together on Monday, July 17th. Space is limited! Please fill out the survey below so I can get to know YOU and YOUR GOALS, and know how I can best help you reach them.

As a special BONUS, if you join me by SATURDAY, JULY 15TH I will throw in a few free gifts –

– My top 5 meal prep tips for the busy girl

– I will schedule a 1-on-1 call with you and share with you my top tips to be successful with this program

– AND your Agility Markers, as a way to say congrats on choosing good health!

2 spots have already been claimed so only 3 spots left!! THEY ARE GOING QUICKLY!!!

The last day to order and join me will be MONDAY, JULY 17th, so hurry up and fill out this survey and let’s get started!