21 Day Fix – Round 1, Complete!

Round 1 is complete and I am pretty happy, given the amount of dedication I brought to the table these last 3 weeks. I am happy with my results, but not very happy with my actions.

I ended up losing:

– 4 pounds
– 3.5 inches

I skipped probably 5 workouts, but doubled up on two one day, and stuck to the nutrition plan about 75% of the time. I drank shakeology every day except 1.

I know I can do better than that, but my head wasn’t completely in the game. I am ready to start round 2, in preparation of purchasing The Master’s Hammer and Chisel soon!

I forgot to take after photos, so I will take them soon and post my before and after in another post (eeeek!).

I am still nowhere near perfect, but I am 3 weeks closer to a summer body! I plan to start another round January 4th, but will see how that pans out as I will be traveling during the first week.

All in all, I am very happy with the program. It was tough, but doable. The workouts were fun, and the nutrition guides are very easy to read and learn. Pinterest was a life saver for recipes, too! I decided that the vanilla shakeo tastes too much like cake batter and has a much different texture than the vegan chocolate, which I much prefer so far. I may try another flavor next month.

Until I start my next round, I am working out to the Beachbody On Demand Challenge Du Jour. I tried Insanity Max:30 yesterday, and am still sore today so I skipped the Master’s Hammer.

If we don’t talk beforehand, have Happy Holidays!!!! 😊