Between Rounds and Between Homes

I was pleased with the results of my first round of 21 day fix, but I let life get the best of me.

Haven’t we all said that before?!

But really, I spent two weeks away from home helping my sick dad and my overworked mom. I didn’t realize how stressful that could be. I had every intention of working out everyday and drinking my shakeology (which I did about 50% of the time), but being with my immobile dad and my mom who works her heart out every single day, I just didn’t have the energy to work out. I am not writing this so you can feel bad for me or to make an excuse for gaining all of the weight (and inches) back, but instead to get it off my chest so I can move forward. With exactly 4 weeks until Valentine’s day, I will use that as my motivation to get my fitness routine kickstarted, and moved into overdrive so I can wear a sexy dress and/or at least feel confident for my hubby! P.s. we aren’t really married, but since we have been together for so many years, I get the satisfaction of calling him my hubby! 😉

So now, I am sitting in my clean house, sipping on a cup of hot Coco Caramel Sea Salt tea from Teavana (Uh-mazing!!), and preparing myself both mentally and physically for the workouts starting this afternoon! I am promising you, my readers, my friends, my family, and myself, that I am going to get back into a routine and am going to do so successfully and happily! I miss cooking for myself and my hubby everyday. I miss making sure I get my daily intake of water, and the way it makes me feel. I miss going to work, and sticking to a routine.

That routine starts TODAY!