Day 14 of 56!

Guys, I have done every single workout so far and I am so proud of myself! My diet has been really good about 80% of the time, and you know what? I am ok with that.

So the next step is to share what I should have on day one, my before photos! I am a little bit nervous, but what better way to keep myself accountable?!?!! (eeeeeeek!)

I am now 2 weeks (25%) done with the program and I am absolutely in love. I like that it isn’tΒ too repetitive, and the workouts are challanging, but doable (even if doable means doing the modifier). I feel like I am actually getting stronger, in both body and mind.

Today was Sunday, which is meal prep day, and I told you guys I would walk you through how I do my meal prep. So let’s begin with step 1: planning out 5 different meals throughout the day.




I know I like to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day, so the first think I do is write out slots for 7 of each: breakfast, snack #1, lunch, snack #2, and dinner. Then I start with breakfast. Like I have said many times before, I am a creature of habit. I enjoy my shake first thing in the morning, it is easy to transport for a breakfast at work, and that is the best meal for me to “replace” with a shake. So I already know all 7 of my breakfasts are going to be shakes. I tried doing omelettes with spinach and oats with strawberries last weekend and it failed miserably. Yuck.

Then I plan my first snack. Given the amount of containers that I get for the day, I like to have a red and a purple for my morning snack.


So I then head over to Food Lion’s website (my local grocery store) and I see what they have for sale in the produce section. This week was grapes and strawberries, so I knew that is what I would have for my purpler containers this week.


I enjoy having a mix of reds, including greek yogurt and cottage cheese, so my snack #1’s are grapes and cottage cheese and strawberries and greek yogurt with a splash of honey. I try to mix it up and do 4 of one snack and 3 of another so I have at least aΒ littleΒ variety throughout the week. Then I move to snack #2, which I like to have a green and a blue. Last week I had 1/4 avocado with a veggie, but was tired of avocado this week so I am going to do hummus for my blue container and I got celery and carrots for my veggies. I will mix and match throughout the week based on how I feel and what I have left.

Then I move to lunches. I aim to have a red and a green for lunch. The last 2 weeks I added an orange and had a salad with a protein, but I am over salads for a bit, so I am going to do a grilled chicken with a veggie, and since squash were on sale I am going to grill some chicken breasts with squash and green beans and portion them out for the week. But I like to mix up lunches too. I know I am going to go out to eat one day per week for lunch (gotta keep myself sane somehow), so two of my lunches are kind of “mix and match.” I always keep tuna on hand to mix with dill pickles and greek yogurt, and always end up with extra veggies that I like to pair with that. That’s how my weekends go.

And last are dinners. I try to reserve both of my yellows, a red, a green, and some teaspoons for dinner. Here is what is on the menu this week:

  1. Baked chicken with sweet potato and snap peas
  2. Taco salads
  3. Baked chicken parmesan with broccoli
  4. Chicken fajitas
  5. Cinnamon jerk pork chops with roasted red potatoes
  6. Egg salad pitas with sauteed carrots
  7. Eat out.


I still like to eat out one dinner per week as well (or make something we just have on hand/have leftovers).

So that is how I plan for the week. Chris only eats dinners with me: he is a picky/weird guy. He isn’t concerned with weight or health(yet) so he chooses to eat frozen meals/sandwiches for lunch and doesn’t snack much through the day. He drinks his calories. But he is a grown man and can make his own decisions, so I don’t push.

Regardless, I am so excited to be starting week 3 tomorrow. It is going to be a GREAT week, I can feel it. I am pumped and ready more than ever to keep pushing and stick to the plan. I do have to admit, I had a few wine/beer tastings this weekend so my nutrition wasn’t great, but it will be even better this week!!!! Hope everyone has a great week. Good night!