Ultimate Reset Day 1 is done!

I survived my first day, and am feeling really great about it today! And when I say survived, I am joking because it really wasn’t bad. Every meal left me feeling full and satisfied, I was not swayed at all by cravings (or by watching my husband eat like 3 ding dongs in front of me), I didn’t miss working out toooo much yesterday, and choose to just be grateful for the rest and good treatment of my body.

What I liked about day 1: the food was really good, meals were easy to cook and prep, I drank a ton of water, never really felt super hungry, slept like a rock, had a great bathroom visit this morning (sorry if TMI), scale is moving downward already.

What I didn’t like about day 1: You add “mineralize,” which is just pink himalayan sea salt, to all of the water you drink and cook with, and I didn’t love the taste of drinking saltwater all day. Found that adding some lime and/or lemon to the water helped a lot. I also feel like I have something in my throat all day. Like always feeling/tasting salt. Maybe it is all in my head…. I did not love the Power Greens supplement. GAG! I knew it wasn’t going to be great, and honestly it could have been worse, but not looking forward to having that every single day for the next 20 days.

If those are the 2 worst things about this week, then I will take them!! If every day is as good/easy as yesterday, then I will be golden. Although I don’t expect that to be the case. I have a feeling this weekend will be a STRUGGLE for me. Sitting around at home just makes me want to SNACK! So my goal this weekend will be to stay busy and productive so I don’t have time to think about food and junk foods.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, sauteed spinach, whole grain toast

Lunch: Microgreens salad with cucumber, carrots, jicama, bell pepper, and toasted pumpkin seeds and a bowl of miso soup with a green onion

Snack: Green apple and a teaspoon of almond butter

Dinner: Air fried salmon, air fried asparagus, boil baby potatoes


I already loved my breakfast this morning of oats, blueberries, and yogurt… so here’s to hoping the rest of today goes as well!