Ultimate Reset Week 1 Results and Review

YAY! Week 1 is DONE! It feels great to be 1/3 of the way through this program, because if I am being honest… there were a few days last week that felt like eternity and I almost gave up and quit like 4684136 times. I knew going into this that the program would be hard, but after day 1 went so easily, I thought I might get lucky and breeze through this.

Here were my experiences so far:

Day 1 was awesome. All of the food tasted delicious, the meals were huge so I wasn’t really ever hungry, just missed my multiple snacks throughout the day. 🤦😂 I drank a ton of water, well over 100 ounces, and I was proud of doing day 1. The worst part of the day was the power green supplement 🤢 I was very tired by the end of the day and went to bed super early.

Day 2 I woke up feeling great. Had a great night’s sleep, got like 9.5 hours of sleep and was excited for my breakfast. Headache came on after lunch time on an off during work, and then by the time I got home from work head was pounding. Forced myself to cook dinner but could barely eat any of it.

Day 3 I woke up with another headache and not feeling good again. Didn’t sleep very well the last night, and kind of forced down my breakfast this morning. Discovered I do not like lentils and had to adjust my meal plan to omit the lentils for the rest of the week. Didn’t stay at work all day, went home, and pretty much slept on and off all day. Really didn’t eat a ton again this day.

Day 4 still didn’t feel great. Still struggled to eat fruit this morning which is WEIRD for me. I think the caffeine and sugar withdrawals were just killing me. Laid around and napped most of the day again. Felt MUCH better come dinner time because I air fried my sweet potato and it was delicious. I really wanted a sparkling water or SOMETHING this day, but lived without it.

Day 5 I finally turned the corner and felt really good this day. I decided to get up and stay busy and take advantage of my energy coming back. Cleaned the whole house, did all the laundry and put it away, made my meal plan for the upcoming week, grocery shopped, called my grandma, etc. Chris was gone all day so I was bored at home alone, but got a lot done and was just happy I felt normal again. I even did yoga this day!

Day 6 Felt GREAT! I was so happy to be back at work and just to stay busy, rather than sitting home on the couch all weekend. Happy to have energy again and feeling like myself. I am finally finding it easy to eat this meal plan (3 large meals and one optional snack) rather than my normal 5 meals a day. I miss working out now! My lower back has been hurting since like day 4. I thought it might be from not working out, but the big accountability group I am in reassured me this is normal and just part of the detox process.

Day 7 SO Happy that it was the last day of week 1. Again, felt great. Enjoyed all of my meals, got on a team call with my coaches in the evening. Been getting a good amount of sleep, even though several nights this week were restless. I have enjoyed sleeping in in the mornings instead of getting up and working out… but I can’t wait to get back to my exercise!

Here is a compilation of some of the meals that I ate. Some days when I wasn’t feeling well I couldn’t even stomach to take a photo of my foods so I don’t have photos of every single meal, but I thought this would be helpful to see some of them! I definitely did not follow the meal plan as it is written 100%. I mixed and matched meals a bit, and substituted or omitted foods that I don’t love. But I would still say I have been like 98% to the guidelines. I’ll take it!!! The program is laid out to show you exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for 21 days if you want to follow it like that. But there is also instructions to tell you how to substitute or make modifications. It is a really thorough program guide and super easy to follow.

Week 1 you stop eating red meats, most dairy other than organic yogurt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine… after day 4 you stop eating all chicken, fish, eggs (basically you become vegan), and after week 1 you stop eating grains and reduce legumes as well. By week 3 you are pretty much eating mainly fruits and vegetables. 😬 I am a little nervous for that… but one day at a time!

Now that I am done with week 1, I am 100% confident I will see this program through to the end. It’s only 13.5 more days! I can do this! But there were definitely at least 3 days in there (2-5 probably) that I thought about quitting almost every hour of the day. I am now convinced that my body was WAY addicted to sugar and caffeine and that choosing to commit to this reset is the best thing I could have done for myself. I am SO Happy to see the scale go down and to see the inches go down and just to be feeling really good again.

The supplements in week 1 were super easy except the damn power greens. Man, it’s rough. Just gotta mix in as little water as possible, shoot it, and chase with a lemon wedge or two. But at least there are only 14 more to go!

Week 2 we add in another supplement called detox, which is another packet you mix with water and drink 3 times per day before each meal. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that it tasted good, was just a little chunky though. Hallelujah, I can get through these 7 days of this supplement, lol.

All in all, very happy with my results. I wish this lower back ache would go away. I have been sitting on a heating pad when I am home and it certainly helps. I am holding off from taking any pain medication, as that is suggested in the program guide book, but will take it if I NEED it.

I am officially down 6.2 pounds and 4.5 inches from just 7 days ago. 😃 Pretty dang proud of myself for making it this far and sticking to it so well. I am excited to cross the halfway point of day 11, that is my next milestone.



If you want to learn more about this program or think you might want to give it a go, you can check it out here or send me an email and we can chat if you have questions or anything. If you decide to do it, I will support you the whole way!