One program down, now onto the next one!

I got busy. Life got crazy. I don’t really think I have any readers yet. I forgot. Basically, sorry for not posting lately, but here I am.

First of all, let me start off with a big wooooohooooooo! I FINISHED 22 Minute Hard Corps. I am so completely beyond amazed/proud of myself and now I know what it feels like to ACTUALLY follow through with something (a program, in this case). I feel like I have a fear of commitment, but I am so happy I stuck this out. I am stronger, leaner, and I couldn’t be happier.

THEN I took (almost) a week off. I feel a little guilty about it, buuuut not that much. Oops. So yesterday I meal planned, meal prepped, and mentally prepped for my next program: 21 Day Fix Extreme. Which started today.

I have to admit, my eating was ON POINT and for that I am super happy. I even saved 2 yellows for a glass of wine later this week. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย And when I came home from work, I chugged that Energize and busted out Plyo Fix Extreme. UM HOLY LEG DAY. My legs are seriously jello and I LOVE it. One legged squat jumps, calf jumps, lunge jumps, square squat jumps…. SO MANY JUMPS! I took a lot of breaks, but I wasn’t really prepared for all of those jumps and my stomach was feeling weird. But I promise to make up for it tomorrow on Upper Body day. Now I just have to keep eating this way EVERY day for the next 20 days and I KNOW I will lose at least a few pounds. IT’S ONLY 20 MORE DAYS, and honestly, I love the way my body feels when I eat good. This past week I ate just about everything in sight including (but not limited to): Dippin dots, hot dogs, pizza, fries, twizzlers, champagne, etc. and I really paid for it last week. Every day my tummy didn’t feel good and I lost a lot of my energy. I am still not really sure why I sabotaged myself like that…. it just sort of happened. BUT I didn’t stop it, and that is my own fault. Alas, today is a new day and a new program, and that train stopped TODAY.

I am going to try to make it a point to share with you each of my days meals to not only keep myself more accountable (duh!), but maybe help you make your own meal plan and see what a day of plenty of food looks like. Here is today’s:

M1: chocolate vegan shakeology with 1/2 frozen banana and coconut extract


M3: grilled chicken salad with fat-free italian dressing (I made my own, but it was gross so I resorted to the store-bought dressing)

M4: cucumber and celery with hummus

M5: hawaiian grilled chicken with brown rice and steamed green beans

I am feeling super pumped about how great tomorrow will be (because it WILL be), and ready for some upper body workout tomorrow. Now I am off to join in on my weekly team meeting/call and get some training! Cheers to always improving!

xoxo goodnight!