Day 11, Week 2, Phase 1

I can’t speak for my fellow Obsessors, but for myself, this program is FLYING so far!!! We are already half-way through week 2 and I am beyond in love. I suppose you could say I am OBSESSED!!!! I told myself I wouldn’t step on the scale until the end of each week…but it is such a bad habit (that I am continually trying to break) so I got on it today and realized I am now down 5 pounds in 11 days. YAY!!! That makes me so happy!! I also am feeling past the “detox” symptoms and am feeling super great today. I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling tired, dizzy, headaches, etc. and I was starting to question if I was eating enough, but after about Tuesday, my mood/feelings improved significantly and now I feel wonderful. I have been trying really hard to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep this week, and have successfully been getting 7-8 each night. As this week and next week continues, I plan to work harder on reaching that 8 hour goal each night. I know how important both sleep and water are during this process, and want to make sure I am honoring those needs.

Another several days of 100% eating to plan and MAN, does that feel GOOD!!! I am so proud of all of my choices and commitments. I even said NO to birthday cake yesterday at work. Every time I say YES to me and make the right choices makes it easier and easier.

Tuesday was booty day, and I have realized that I do not love the 3×10 rep scheme. It is HARD! Well, mentally it is hard. It was hard to repeat the circuit three times through AND use heavier bands. I did stick with Autumn the whole time in my band choice, so that is good. This circuit was my favorite and really had the most BURN. (Side note, my goal is to feel confident as hell in that sports bra by the end of this program.)

One of the things I am noticing right off the bat of this program is just mindset when it comes to food. That is, by far, my biggest change over the last week and a half. I am now realizing just how much I overate during meals in the past. And sauces! Can we talk about sauces for a minute?! I have always been a sauce girl, and while I am still struggling a bit with not using them and replacing them with healthy swaps like simple oils, BUT I have done so much better and know I am saving myself so many unnecessary calories and sugars. That night I made egg salad open faced sandwiches and was stuffed and totally didn’t miss extra sauce or anything. I mean, how great does this look?!

Yesterday was cardio core and while I wasn’t super stoked about doing it, I actually didn’t hate it during the workout. Cardio like that is not my favorite, but I think the format of this workout is just different and fun enough that it kind of just flies by. This workout is 3 minute rounds (not unlike CORE DE FORCE❀️) that are broken up into 30 second intervals. 30 seconds of medium intensity interval followed by 30 seconds of high intensity, repeated 3 times. Then you get on the floor for 10 reps of a core move with the sliders.

I was going to insert a video here but am struggling to do so, so I will try again later. πŸ™‚

When I was done with Cardio Core I realized I had received a package in the mail, and lo and behold it was my new 80 Day Obsession hoodie. I looooove hoodies and this is so perfect. Cannot wait for 69 more days to come and go and see how these 80 days treat me when I treat myself right.