Day 13, Week 2, Phase 1

Heeeeey! It’s Saturday! AND OMG I FEEL SO AMAZING!!! I slept in today until after 9, so I am pretty sure I got close to 12 hours of sleep!! 😁😁 I decided to get my workout done this morning rather than this afternoon, so I put on my workout clothes first thing and checked myself out in the mirror. UMMMM….I am feeling sooo lean today! I also stepped on the scale and the number is down AGAIN! I will take pics and measurements tomorrow and share, so until then, not going to tell you how much I have lost in two weeks! I do have to admit that after leg day yesterday with heavy weights, my legs are soooooore today!

I just finished my pre-workout meal, and going to drink my Energize and push play on Day 13 Cardio Flow in about 30 minutes or so. In my accountability group with 115+ girls, not very many people enjoyed this workout, but I, on the other hand, LOVED it! Something about the compounding moves and the sweat that was pouring from a pretty slow/low impact workout just makes me happy. PLUS, it is the last workout of the second week…how can that NOT make you happy. πŸ˜‰

Last week around this time I was feeling a little rundown, but to be completely honest, this week I feel on top of the world. I moved my containers around a little bit last night so I could make healthy PIZZA and I literally have zero regrets. My eating has been pretty damn spot on otherwise, and I just can’t believe I have stuck with it this well for two entire weeks. It makes me feel really confident that I can totally do it for another 11 weeks for sure. AND….only 7 more weeks (from Monday) until Costa Rica!!! EEEEK! I ordered a new swim suit from Cupshe (online) and really hope that it isn’t shitty quality and looks good on me. Wanna see it??? Ok then! πŸ˜‰

It is reversible too!!! Man, I really hope it is ok! I have read mixed reviews online about this company, but I figured it was worth the $18 chance. Anyway, if I continue doing this well by then, then I am certain I am going to feel confident and look great on our trip. ALSO, my mom told me she is down to 189 and officially down 50 pounds herself. HOLY COW!!! THAT MAKES ME SO PROUD!! I know what it was like to hit that 50 lb. mark and know how AMAZING it feels, so I am just beyond proud of her. This is just going to be an all around amazing trip. One of the things on my to-do list this afternoon is going to buy suitcases for the trip, and maybe look for a little bit of Costa Rican style clothing for both of us to take.

Until then, my alarm just went off to remind me to drink my Energize, so time for me to get up and get my mind right for my day 13 workout today! YAY! Happy Saturday y’all!!!! 🀘