Day 5, Week 1, Phase 1

Day 5!! Woohooo!! I am feeling pretty good today. It is my first day home from work since starting this program and have confirmed my weakness/habits. Days that I am home and lounging around, I just want to eat. My mind instantly goes to food and I “feel” like I am hungry. Which is BS. I know I am not hungry. I have had plenty to eat and drink (and feel awesome that I haven’t had any treats yet), and know that this is just emotional or boredom or whatever trying to take hold of me. So, I sent Chris to the store to rent a few movies and we are going to cure this boredom with a good movie and a blog post!

Normally I go to work Fridays at 7:30 until lunch at 11:30, but I was so tired so I chose to sleep in for a bit and was GOING to go to work this afternoon, but just decided to go tomorrow morning instead. SO, I woke up about 9:30 and ate my first meal, pre-workout meal (turkey sausage, onions, peppers, potatoes and evoo), around 10:15 or so. Then I had my Energize at 10:45 and started my workout around 11:15. Today’s workout was LEG DAY! HolyΒ πŸ’©balls batman!!!!!!! The first couple moves started and I was like, ok, I can do this. Not too bad! But then the last set of the first round came and I was starting to die. Then we repeated all the moves a second time and holy crap I was SHAKING. Like, everywhere. I pushed through to the best of my (mental) ability and feel dang proud. Have to admit my workout playlist on spotify is totally helping me crush these workouts for sure. BUT then I made the mistake of previewing cardio flow for tomorrow and am over here just like 😨😨😨! It’s going to be tough, but I am stoked that it is the last workout of week 1 already!

After my workout I had chocolate Recover and an orange. Then I showered and washed/dried my hair, so my post-workout meal came a little late than I would have liked, probably around 2:15. I had the same thing, chicken, asparagus, sweet potato, and evoo, but realized I forgot my olives! Oops. Shortly after that meal is when I started to feel hungry from the boredom. Ended up having my first meal option at about 4:30, and I made broccoli with melted cheese and a serving of strawberries and blueberries.

It is now 5:45 and feeling those hunger pangs again. I will probably end up having dinner earlier than most nights and save my chocolate Shakeology for after dinner so it feels like a treat/snack/dessert. I MIGHT end up making it into like a pudding or something, but haven’t decided yet. I think dinner (meal option 2) will end up being chicken fajitas (chicken, onions, peppers, tortilla, olives, and a tid bit of salsa) or shrimp with snow peas and rice.

Overall, I am feeling great about today. Feeling hungry, but I know it is the mind games….and I am going to win!!!! Also, I woke up feeling slimmer/less bloated and that feels great too. Going to get on the scale (maybe) and do measurements and photos on Sunday. Even thought it isn’t necessary to do it every week, I just want to be able to have the data. I will try not to look too hard into these measurements, but it will def keep me going and on track, I know it.