Kind of hard to believe that I am already 1 SOLID week into my 80 day program, and today I feel PROUD. I am so so proud of choices that I have made and my dedication to this program so far. I am really going to focus on bringing that sense of pride into week 2 and staying as strong as I have been.

Today I slept for about 9 glorious hours and woke up feeling much less tired than I did yesterday. I am pretty sore in my legs (specifically my hamstrings and booty), and very much looking forward to our roll & release routine today, which uses a foam roller. I have never really had much formal “guiding” when it comes to rolling, so I am excited to see how Autumn uses it. I am currently cuddling on my couch with my Shakeology (almost gone) in hand, and will go do that roll routine when I am done writing this post. By the way, I have been putting a tsp of coconut oil into my cafe latte shake this week, and I am totally loving it. When blended, it kind of ends up in these tiny little “chunks” so when I sip I get to feel the texture as they dissolve in my mouth. Totally digging it (I am so weird, I know).

Today’s eating is a little different than the rest of the week because it is a “rest day,” so there is no workout to have to worry about. I still eat the same amount/types of foods, but they are in a little different order. It is days like today though that I worry most about staying on track with the plan. As I mentioned before, when I am bored/sitting around/have time on my hands all I want to do is eat. Sundays have always been really hard for me in the past because I walk past my fridge/pantry a million times per day, and USUALLY stop and grab something just about every time.Β πŸ™„Β BUT, it is also days like today that I get to flex my willpower muscle, make it stronger, and practice saying YES to my goals and NO to things that will derail me.

By the way, yesterday’s workout was Cardio Flow, which is a progression-style workout that builds on itself throughout, and I am pretty sure I was only like 1 of 20 people out of 42k+ that actually liked it.Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β It was so challenging, but I am excited to really use that workout to scale my progress over the next 12 weeks. I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to do well because my legs were so sore, but the first move was inchworms, and it realllllly helped stretch out my hammies, which surprisingly felt great.


I wanted to see a little progress this week, so I went to make a photo of day 1 to day 7….and realized that my “before” photos are a little all over the place. I took photos on January 1, but then was going until day 3 of the program and didn’t have good “before” clothes packed with me, so I took ONE photo on day 3 of the program (which was in terrible lighting and again, not the best clothes…what was I thinking?!). THEN I realized that my photos that I took on Jan 1 were NOT in a bikini and I really want those bikini photos for the booty comparison….SO, I ended up taking MORE photos on day 6 of the program (yesterday) and we are going to call those my official “befores” of the program. This bikini is so cute, and is my goal to ROCK when we are in Costa Rica.

So, with that being said, here is my comparison photo from January 1 to January 20…

I took official measurements on Day 3, so I think I am going to wait to do another set of measurements until next Sunday, Day 14, and then I will write them all in here and share the comparison.

My Shakeology is now gone, and time is quickly passing this morning. I already made my meal plan last night, so now I just have to finish/button up my grocery list, go to the store, meal prep (live in my VIP group, because I really want to help my girls), do a few loads of laundry and put those away, and get some work done and then I will feel accomplished, and happy with the day. Not exactly looking forward to going back to a normal work routine starting tomorrow, however work days DEFINITELY keep me more on track and allow much fewer opportunities for cheats/treats, so looking forward to that aspect of it.

Happy Sunday and cheers to an EXCELLENT week 2!Β πŸ₯‚

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