Week 6 & still going STRONG! #summerstrong

I am officially on the downhill for the rest of this program. Week 6, 7, 8 and Hell Week (ahhh!) are left, but the end is in sight, and so far I am really happy with my results, progress, and just the program in general. All of the workouts are very challenging, (obviously) short, and are really improving my stamina and strength. Now I am just mentally preparing myself to CONTINUE with the program, to not give up, and just to work towards 1-2 more reps of each move at each workout.

But enough about the program. This week I felt like I needed to place more emphasis on my goals and why I am doing this. It is so easy to set a goal and go after it for a few weeks, and then slowly it dissolves into the back of your memory and you are just doing what you are doing as habit almost? Well, that has definitely happened. Don’t get me wrong, I will never forget why I started exercising, but saying “I want to feel comfortable” is just not enough anymore. So this week I am going to focus on WEEKLY goals that I continue working for and implementing into my life. I sat down and really came up with a handful of goals that I need to be better about and here is what is important to me this week:

1. Use the sandbag more often. As I progress through this program, I am realizing that my 5 pound (weak, I know) weights are just not quite enough for all of my reps. I have thought about buying larger weights, but why do that when I have this awesome sandbag already?! So this week I will focus on using the sandbag for more of the weighted exercises, and will add more sand (maybe) next week when I am ready!

2. Really focus on the containers, and more importantly, STOP COUNTING CALORIES. It is super easy to count calories and then not get in all of my containers for the day because I am close to my “calorie limit”, but I have to trust this process and trust the system that is proven and was given to me. So this week I am going to stop keeping track of my calories and really just stick to the container system. I am currently using the 21 Day Tracker app on my Samsung Note 4 which allows you to customize how many containers you get for your daily allowance, track them, track water intake, as well as log (and customize) your workout for the day; also tracks weight and inches. Obviously this program is longer than 21 days, but I just keep restarting it when need be.

3. Avoid alcohol/junk food. It seems so obvious, but is so hard. I love wine, and beer, and shots and I LOVE junk food. But keeping it out of my diet, at least for the most part, will allow me to reach my goals faster and is really just the best choice anyway. P.s. it saves me a ton of money too!

4. Love Myself. ❤️❤️❤️ Enough said.

5. Get every workout in. Each week so far I have missed about 1 workout or took a rest day when I wasn’t supposed to and then made up for it on Sunday, and I want to have Sundays off. I want a planned rest day, and I want to be on track with the rest of the awesome ladies doing this program with me.

And there you have it, that is what I am going to focus on this week. So far I used the sandbag mostly in yesterday’s workout, I didn’t count my calories (even though it was a HORRIBLE eating day. I stayed home sick and ate everything in sight), I didn’t have any alcohol yesterday (so that’s good!), I loved myself, and I worked out. I KNOW I am going to crush this week, and I am already excited for that. 🙂 Now I just have to try to squeeze in some extra Tone It Up workouts this week too.