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22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 8, Day 50!!!

I almost can’t believe that I am even typing this, but I am on the final (normal) week of 22 Minute Hard Corps, and I feel phenomenal. Granted, this week I overindulged in food and wine and am not very proud of my weakness this weekend, but the fact that I have stuck to a […]

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Week 6 & still going STRONG! #summerstrong

I am officially on the downhill for the rest of this program. Week 6, 7, 8 and Hell Week (ahhh!) are left, but the end is in sight, and so far I am really happy with my results, progress, and just the program in general. All of the workouts are very challenging, (obviously) short, and […]

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Week 5, Day 3 (31 of 56)

Well, I MADE IT! I SURVIVED THE FIRST HALF OF 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS! WOOOOOOT!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I am so beyond proud of myself. I barely made it through my first round of 21 Day Fix, and now here I am into my fifth week of this program and the feeling of commitment is unrivaled. I understand why […]

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22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 4, Day 2 (Day 23 of 56)

I was so proud of myself in my last blog post, but I have to admit I sort of fell off the bandwagon a bit at the end of last week. I missed 2 workouts (Friday and Saturday) and had every intention of doing one on Sunday, but just didn’t have the energy. With that […]

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22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 2, Day 2

Week 1 flew by and WHEW! am I happy about it! I finished every single workout so far, and for that I am extremely proud. I do have to admit and I so sore and tired today and I am already trying to come up with an excuse to NOT workout tonight, but I told […]

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