Energize & Hydrate Review!

I stepped a little out of my comfort zone last week and ordered my first ever workout “supplements”, Beachbody’s Energize (pre-workout) and Hydrate (during workout hydration drink). I opted for the 10-pack sampler, which came with 10 packets of each product – rather than the whole 40-serving tub of both products. The Energize is lemon flavor and the Hydrate is citrus flavor. My first impression of the taste and smell of both products was pretty good. The Hydrate wasn’t as “citrus-y” as I was hoping, BUT I diluted it a bit. It calls for 8oz. of water per packet, but I used about 15oz. because I drink more than 8oz. during a workout and it just looked a bit “thick” when I first mixed it up into the 8oz. I also diluted the Energize by only using half a packet in the 8oz. I don’t drink much caffeine and I have never used a pre-workout before, so I was slightly terrified that I would be bouncing off the walls or shaking or feel tingly. I will try a full packet tonight. The taste of the Energize was pretty delicious, and definitely lemon!

As far as how they worked, I would say the Energize definitely helped! I drank it about 15-20 minutes before my workout while I was prepping dinner so it could cook while I did my workout, which was cardio 2 and core 1 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. I felt like I was able to get more reps in before I tired out, and felt reallllly good when the workout was over. I was *supposed* to do core 2, however the difference between core 1 and core 2 are the number of reps (11 in core 1 and 22 in core 2) and I lack in core strength and sometimes struggle to get through the 11 reps of each move, so I am just continuing core 1 until I feel more ready. Either way, I think the Energize helped my performance. As for the Hydrate, it is hard to tell whether or not it is “working” so I am just trusting that it is better than water. I am on the fence as to whether I would order the Hydrate again or not, but it is definitely a pleasant drink so at least that is good. I will probably re-order the full size Energize when I run out, however that is subject to change when I try the full packet tonight before Resistance 3. I think this is a good resistance workout to try the Energize for the first time, just judging by its speed and difficulty.

All-in-all, I was happy with both products and would recommend to fellow exercisers. I will update on the performance of the Energize at it’s full strength in my resistance workout tonight!

Hope this helps you decide whether to purchase or not. If you would like to try either of these products, just drop a comment below and I will get you all set up!