Day 34, Week 6, Phase 2

Not really sure how I let an ENTIRE week go by without documenting, but I did and here we are! πŸ˜‰


Last week was freaking hard yall. We got 5 whole new routines…which means new moves that are compounding and build on each other, new muscles worked in different ways, and whole new set of sore areas that I didn’t even know I had. Kind of felt like week 1 all over again! But in a good way. Even though I am stronger than I was 4 weeks before, these harder moves were challenging, but DOABLE. Pretty freaking awesome.

Just a quick run-through of the week…

Monday is now Booty day. Holy crap. Heavy weights, lots of reps, butt on FIRE.

Tuesday is Cardio Core. I still rather enjoy this one for cardio…even though there are burpee push-ups for 1.5 minutes, but you know…

Next was Total Body Core. This one moved fast, lots of moves, and pretty sure I said WTF like 18 times during this one. The sweat was literally pouring. Sweat everywhere.

Thursday is now leg day… and I totally loved this leg day! 15 reps of a move working a muscle group with heavy weights and then 15 reps working same muscles with sliders. Challenging but so awesome.

Friday is AAA and pretty sure I thought I was going to die on this one, BUT this workout also made me FEEL the strongest of the week. It was also fast with a shit ton of moves, but thank god we only had to do half of the moves on round 2 and somehow I managed to survive.

Saturday is still Cardio Flow but instead of 4 reps of every move….it is now 6 reps. And holy shit. That is so hard!!! I am so not ashamed to say I had to pause a few times to catch my breath and make sure I was still alive, but I did it. I was sore and it wasn’t super pretty, but got it done! EVERY rep. BOOM!

This week’s workouts have already felt a million times better. Yesterday was Booty and we are back to 3×10 reps so you lift a little heavier but the fewer reps make it feel more manageable. I REALLY want my booty to grow, so I made sure to do EVERY SINGLE REP and tried really hard to keep up with Autumn with the weights and loops she used. Wasn’t always perfect, but I did it and felt awesome.

Autumn made a post earlier today saying that day 34 was the turning point for almost all of the cast. When they first started they thought she was crazy for making them do Cardio Core, and day 34 was when they all felt they were strong and didn’t want to die. As much as I wanted Cardio Core to be amazing today, I honestly just felt tired and shaky the whole time. I had plenty of food, not too much pre-workout, so not really sure what happened there, but I managed to get through it. Those burpee push-ups though! :O I never thought I would like them, but I did all the push-ups, and that makes you feel KIND OF invincible.

As for nutrition….I could feel my tightness slipping a little this week. An extra two bites here, a handful of Chris’ granola there. I didn’t go totally off the handles, but I also wasn’t as awesome as I have been and it shows. It shows in my body and I could FEEL it in my mind. I could feel that I was a little disappointed in myself, and I actually missed that feeling of being SO PROUD of my choices and my hard work. I sat down and really reflected on Sunday of my choices and how far I had already come and re-promised myself that I would finish these 80 days to the ABSOLUTE best of my ability. I re-lit that fire inside of me and here it is Tuesday and I am 100% back at it. Plus…TOMORROW IS REFEED DAY! HELLLLLL YEAH!!!!

What is refeed day? First, it is a modified version, not just a cheat day or free for all. Refeed days are designed to restore your glycemic stores to refuel your muscles and give you the extra energy that sometimes you lack from eating such a clean diet and training so hard. All that I am hearing Autumn say when she talks about it though is “BAD” CARBS…aka dirty yellows. HA! Tonight I will be making flourless chocolate chickpea brownies from FIXATE two have a TWO of my carbs tomorrow and I literally can’t wait! Can’t wait to tell you how that goes!