I KIND OF can’t believe I am saying this right now, but I am officially DONE with Phase 1 of this 80 day program, which means I am about 1/3 of the way through! HELLO, MILESTONE!!!! I took my weight, measurements, and Phase 1 photos yesterday, and here is what I have lost:

– 7.8 pounds

– 8 inches overall

SAY WHAT?! That is freaking AMAZING in just 4 weeks!!! I also have to pat myself on the back for my other achievements this past month: I have not had a binge eating session in over 4 weeks, I have increased the weights I lifted almost every week (uhhh, going to need heavier ones though! 😣), I am actually enjoying and looking forward to 1 hour long workouts, I haven’t missed a workout in 4 weeks, I have ONLY drank water for the last 4 weeks, my sleep has been phenomenal and I have really focused on getting 8+ hours each night, I feel like I have so much energy, I FEEL so in control of what I eat and feel like I have finally kicked my food addiction demons, hardly had any junk food cravings and have EASILY said no to all of them, I have used my containers for almost every single meal to actually portion rather than just eyeball, etc. I feel like I could go on!

With that being said, here are my Phase 1 progress photos:


Now that I have shared with you my results, I figured I would do a re-cap/review of the first 6 workouts from Phase 1. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the workouts in different ways, and also enjoyed that they were different each week. The rep patterns changed each time we re-visited these workouts so every time it challenged me in a different way (mostly in my mind) and just felt new, plus we also tried to increase the weight we used for each exercise, which was hard and awesome at the same time. The order of the workouts and their names were: Total Body Core, Booty, Cardio Core, AAA, Legs, and Cardio Flow. Here is my thoughts:

Total Body Core: I loved this workout….but specifically because it was HARD! This was one of the hour long workouts and literally worked your whole body. It used ALL of the equipment: weights, loops, and sliders. I believe this workout was the most challenging to me in month 1 because I was literally out of breath the entire workout.

Booty: BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY! 🍑🍑 Ok, I absolutely loved this one too. This workout used only the loops and spent most of the time on the ground. Those loops look so innocent, but holy cow this workout BURNED. The movements were often small, but they were tough. I definitely enjoyed Tuesdays for this workout for sure. I can already see so much improvement/growth on the side of my butt (glue med) and I attribute it to this workout for sure.

Cardio Core: I am not the biggest fan of “traditional” cardio, but the way this workout was formatted I really loved it. We did 30 seconds of a medium intensity interval followed by a 30 second interval of a high intensity move. Repeat that 3 times (3 minutes total) and then would do 10 reps of a core move. I thought it was challenging, but much like the 3 minute rounds from CORE DE FORCE, the rounds were over pretty fast and then you could forget about it and move on to the next one. And the core moves? Yeah, they were done with the sliders and they were hard!

AAA: Arms, Abs, Ass. Another total body workout for sure. I liked this one a lot because we focused on the eccentric movement, which is very different than the other workouts, so you could feel it working in a different way. Again, the burn was real on this one for sure. This also used all of the equipment, and was just all around challenging.

Legs: WOW. That is all that I can say! We used alllll of the heavy weights in this workout, and so I had a real love/hate relationship with this one. For not a lot of fast movement, I was usually pouring sweat by the time we were done. Leg day is the hardest for me because I lifted so heavy versus the other workouts, but I also can see the most progress here so that is awesome. I am kind of obsessed with building strong legs now. Pretty typical moves, but with only weights in phase 1.

Cardio Flow: ohhhh, cardio flow!! SO MANY other people did not love this workout, but I actually did. Even though it is cardio and you will be dripping a few minutes in, it just feels so different than normal cardio and I loved it. We did 4 reps of a move, then added on 4 reps of a new move. Repeated those 2 moves and added on 4 reps of a different move, and so on. 12 moves in total, a shit ton of reps, and holy cow it burns. ESPECIALLY after leg day for sure. This workout never changes throughout the program…oh yeah, except it turns into 6 reps next phase and 8 reps for phase 3. 😯😲😲 (We’re gonna effing die)

With that being said, Phase 1 was FREAKING AMAZING and kept me excited and on my toes and I AM SO EXCITED to start Phase 2 tonight after work. Monday’s workout becomes BOOTY and I am stoked!!!!

10/10 would recommend to EVERYONE!

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