80 Day Obsession Final Results and Review


Holy CRAP that feels so good to say. I freaking did it. I finished ALL 80 days. Zero missed workouts. Very few slip-ups with nutrition. I increased weights, I increased band resistance, I improved stamina, I FREAKING DID IT!

Final results:
-13.4 pounds lost
-17 total inches lost



This program is the shit!!! I never got bored because there were 80 different workouts. I was never hungry, I was able to keep my cravings under control, and I was able to finally know what my body is capable of…
and I have learned I can do hard things!

Now that the 80 days have come and gone, today is just Day Life. This is my new lifestyle. This is how I want to feel and look every day moving forward and I honestly don’t even want to go back to my “old ways.” Even though tomorrow starts “Day 1” again, it’s really just day 80+ and beyond.

I am beyond excited to start this program again tomorrow with all of my new girls and help walk them through this, just as Autumn (the creator of the program) did for me. I am excited to help these girls find a new way of life that is balanced and sustainable and healthy and STRONG.

Overall review of 80 day obsession: IT IS SO WORTH IT! I am genuinely excited to do another 80 days of this program. It was fun, it was interesting, and it changed me as a person. It was JUST what I needed in my life.


If you want to join me at any point in round 2, then let’s do the damn thing! jJst fill out this quick app and we will be chatting soon!Ā https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfm-OEhDH8rNxsWVZSm0mFhTuAemehRZWpLA1X3LFXH8HDvTA/viewform