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80 Day Obsession Final Results and Review

I FINISHED STRONG Y’ALL!!!!!! 💪💪 Holy CRAP that feels so good to say. I freaking did it. I finished ALL 80 days. Zero missed workouts. Very few slip-ups with nutrition. I increased weights, I increased band resistance, I improved stamina, I FREAKING DID IT! Final results: -13.4 pounds lost -17 total inches lost     This […]

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Day 78, Week 13, Peak Week

Halfway through peak week….4 workouts to go. This insane. The end is near, it is in sight, I can taste it… and I am SO PUMPED!!! I feel freaking awesome today. Two days of carb cycling has done my body good. The final week of this program has an optional meal plan called “deplete days,” […]

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I KIND OF can’t believe I am saying this right now, but I am officially DONE with Phase 1 of this 80 day program, which means I am about 1/3 of the way through! HELLO, MILESTONE!!!! I took my weight, measurements, and Phase 1 photos yesterday, and here is what I have lost: – 7.8 […]

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Day 19, Week 3, Phase 1

Y’all! I am feeling GOOD today! Ok, but are you tired of hearing me say that yet? Today was leg day, and honestly I was not as excited for this workout because lifting heavy is HARD work, but this rep pattern is by far my favorite so far. It ended up actually FLYING by and […]

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Week 2 Review + Week 3, Here We Go!

Yesterday was rest day and the end of week 2 so I took my photos, weight, and measurements and am BLOWN AWAY! I knew I was seeing and feeling changes in my body, but WOW! I feel sooooo good today! Of course as I am writing this post I am at work and do not […]

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My Core de Force Journey/Review!

Today is my 84th day of Core de Force, and I only have 6 days left. I am starting to get a little sad because I love everything about this program. I love the stress relief I get from punching and kicking, I love the definition I have gained all over my body-arms, legs, stomach, […]

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