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Day 51, Week 9, Phase 3 & PHASE 2 REVIEW!

HOLY. CRAP. Phase 3 is already here and I am so excited/nervous/proud/excited/sad that this is all going so quickly, but ready to take on the last challenge of this program. 8 weeks down, 5 weeks left, so much progress, so much gained, so much learned, so much loved. I am sad/sorry that I haven’t been […]

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Day 19, Week 3, Phase 1

Y’all! I am feeling GOOD today! Ok, but are you tired of hearing me say that yet? Today was leg day, and honestly I was not as excited for this workout because lifting heavy is HARD work, but this rep pattern is by far my favorite so far. It ended up actually FLYING by and […]

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Day 17, Week 3, Phase 1

It just dawned on me this morning, I am 20% done with this program already! SAY WHAT?! That is not only impressive, but exciting. That means for AT LEAST 20% of the program I didn’t miss a single workout, I ate approximately 98% to plan, and in just 20% of the length I have made […]

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Day 13, Week 2, Phase 1

Heeeeey! It’s Saturday! AND OMG I FEEL SO AMAZING!!! I slept in today until after 9, so I am pretty sure I got close to 12 hours of sleep!! 😁😁 I decided to get my workout done this morning rather than this afternoon, so I put on my workout clothes first thing and checked myself […]

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22 Minute Hard Corps Update!

After 3 rounds of Core de Force, with workout varying from 27 minutes to 63 minutes in length, followed by a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme with 30 minute workouts, I was ready for something EVEN SHORTER that could be equally as tough. Enter 22 Minute Hard Corps! I have already completed 1 round […]

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22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 2, Day 2

Week 1 flew by and WHEW! am I happy about it! I finished every single workout so far, and for that I am extremely proud. I do have to admit and I so sore and tired today and I am already trying to come up with an excuse to NOT workout tonight, but I told […]

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