Week 2 Review + Week 3, Here We Go!

Yesterday was rest day and the end of week 2 so I took my photos, weight, and measurements and am BLOWN AWAY! I knew I was seeing and feeling changes in my body, but WOW! I feel sooooo good today! Of course as I am writing this post I am at work and do not have the numbers in front of me, which I will probably update this post with OR just update at the end of phase 1, but I do know the total weight and inches lost, so I will share those.
Starting weight: 163.6
Day 14 weight: 157.4
14 day change: -6.2 pounds
Starting inches (total): 255.5
Day 14 inches: 249.5
14 day change: -6 inces

And here are the photos for comparison! 😲


In my opinion, it is quite clear that fat is going away and everything is tightening up. You have no idea how excited that makes me! Last summer I would say I was looking about how I do now and was feeling confident and proud of my hard work, but that was when I let off the gas and let the treats creep back in to my nutrition. I would allow the donut one day a week, which turned into a donut and a cheeseburger the next week, which turned into the donut, cheeseburger, and pizza for dinner the next. You get the picture.

I am not allowing myself to do that this time. When I am done with this round of 80 days, then sure, I am going to let off the gas a *little*, but that will be the secret. Making THIS my lifestyle with a FEW treats thrown in, rather than a few good meals thrown into the treats. With that being said, I am going to REALLY work on figuring out how to have healthy “treats” that fit into my meal plans better in the future so that I will be less likely to go off the rails like this last year. To start that off, Saturday night I saved my Shakeology for my last meal so I could have it as “dessert,” so I made it into a pudding with some peanut butter and a side of frozen fruit. OH MY LAWD it was so good and totally hit the cravings nail on the head.

Sunday was another FABULOUS rest day! I slept in so late (I don’t even want to admit how late), but I blame that on the heating pad. My neck and shoulders were a bit tight on Saturday evening, but when I woke up on Sunday I was in a bit of pain, so I went to get the heating pad and laid back down….for like, 3 more hours…. oops. Oh well! Since I had already planned my meals on Saturday, I just whipped up my list and off to the store I went! I made pit stops at Kohl’s and Ross and picked up our suitcases for Costa Rica, yay! Then hit Aldi’s and Food Lion. When I got home, I enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then prepped for the week!


All in all, I would say that the prepping and clean up took me less than 1.5 hours, so that is definitely a win in my book. Now I KNOW I will have another successful eating week. This week I prepped:

–fruit in freezer for Shakeoloy

–Fixate breakfast sausages, sweet potatos, and broccoli bowls for lunches

–Zucchini noodles, marinara, and cheese for snacks

–Washed and portioned grapes for post-workouts

–Washed and portioned carrots for snacks

–Portioned pistachios for snacks

Week 3 of workouts stays as a 3×10 rep pattern, but rather than going through all the moves in their entirety and repeating twice, we will burn out each muscle group 3 times before moving on to the next set of moves. This keeps the workouts feeling completely different and preventing that dreaded plateau.

Did I mention how much I am LOVING this program???

Can’t wait to crush the next two weeks and finish out Phase 1 strong AF!!!!!


Here is what we can expect in week 3: