Day 17, Week 3, Phase 1

It just dawned on me this morning, I am 20% done with this program already! SAY WHAT?! That is not only impressive, but exciting. That means for AT LEAST 20% of the program I didn’t miss a single workout, I ate approximately 98% to plan, and in just 20% of the length I have made significant changes to my body.

With that being said, I am also sooooore today! My arms/shoulders are feeling it the most today. Monday’s Total Body Core workout was tough on the arms already, and then we spent so much time holding ourselves up in yesterday’s Booty workout. I think that has been the toughest Booty day so far due to the rep pattern. I am learning that I LOVE the burn from the week 3 3×10 rep pattern, but DANG! This set below (repeated 3 times in a row with minimal rest) absolutely BURRRRRNED!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Β I am actually (for once in my life) thankful that it is Cardio today. And I LOVE the core part of the workout. This is certainly one of my favorite cardio workouts that I have ever done (besides CORE DE FORCE, obviouslyΒ πŸ˜‰).


One of the things that I am loving the most about 80 Day Obsession so far is the timed nutrition. Because I am SO committed to eating as close to plan as I possibly can, I have been just as serious about my meal prep. BECAUSE of that, my eating has legit been so easy to stick to. I honestly rarely feel hungry, and because I am eating every few hours – although that was pretty normal for me – it is so much easier to ignore the cravings and say no to the weekly Thursday donuts.


I was lucky enough to be accepted into a private mentorship with the trainer, Autumn Calabrese, and in this group every week she asks a new question about the process. This week the question is: “Where do you feel you made the most progress?” This week in particular, the answer will definitely be my nutrition. The timing and the container combos are becoming second nature to me and I hardly have to think about what to eat. Meal planning is happening on Saturdays now instead of Sundays, so things feel a little less last minute and seem to be coming easier to me. Totally digging it. Also totally digging the mentorship with Autumn. She comes in the group live almost every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, and is really coaching and guiding us through this program and I feel like it is pushing me WAY harder than if I were doing it alone or even just with a smaller group. I also love my accountability group that I am in with my customers and other coaches. Everyone is totally rocking it to the best of their abilities and that is keeping me going too. LOVE all around!!

And speaking of love, I am loving their progress, and wanted to share some of my fellow coach/customer’s 2 week progress so far… BLOWN. AWAY.

These results are amazing and SO INSPIRING!!! Am I right….or am I right?!?!

So, if you are still reading and are tired of watching and ready to join, just fill out this quick app so I can get to know you a little and make sure this program is right for you!Β

For now, enjoying my day 17 strawberries & cream shake and looking forward to another FANTASTIC day in the books. 😁