Day 19, Week 3, Phase 1

Y’all! I am feeling GOOD today! Ok, but are you tired of hearing me say that yet? Today was leg day, and honestly I was not as excited for this workout because lifting heavy is HARD work, but this rep pattern is by far my favorite so far. It ended up actually FLYING by and I felt challenged, but also strong as hell and that is a giant confidence booster….just saying.

After my workout, I got on a check-in call with my coach, Stephanie and we had a great time. It is nice having a coach for myself to make sure that I stick to my goals, so I can in turn help others stick to theirs as well. That was a good chat!

This is a video from day 19 leg day today, and something crazy happens to me here. In my own head and when I see my reflection, I feel and think that I look pretty good! But then I see myself on film and I feel like I look completely different. I start to get a little doubt in my mind and am upset that I don’t look as good as I feel…but then I also remind myself that I upped my weights AGAIN this week and was dead lifting 50 pounds!! I can then snap back and let go of that doubt again as I celebrate all the victories of this journey!

I practiced some fantastic self-care today after my call with Stephanie, by chilling in a hot epsom salt bath and then doing a little self-tanning. Because, tan. 😉 And then decided to try on my new bikini that came in the mail for Costa Rica.

And then I am right back to feeling awesome about myself again. I have made incredible progress in 3 weeks…. I literally am freaking out about how much more progress I am going to make by the end of these 80 days and beyond. I am freaking out that I am finally confident that I am going to stick to something that will hit a huge milestone for me: knowing what my body is capable of!

Besides the confidence, I think the biggest change I have noticed in myself is really seeing food as fuel. I have really tried to detach the idea of food as fun from my brain so that I retrain it to see it as fuel so that I have a better relationship with it. And honestly, I am enjoying eating so much! Hardly missing the “junk” at all.

I am truly enjoying the meal plan and putting my trust in what the trainer and the experts are telling me to do. It takes even more of that self-doubt off of my shoulders and I am certain is to blame (thank?) for the quick weight loss and body changes. I also feel not very restricted since I can still enjoy all the food groups (i.e. CARBS, YUM), while still being ok with declining alcohol and the sweets for just 80 days. For the record, after these 80 days I do plan to enjoy treats a little more often than I am during this program, but I also plan to keep them to a minimum as well. I do believe in balance, but I also believe in willpower and health.

Can’t believe I only have 1 more workout left in week 3 and only 1 week left in Phase 1. I am excited to see how the workouts evolve in the next phase and what changes my body will reflect for me!!!!

So, if you are still reading and are tired of watching and ready to join me in this journey, just fill out this quick app so I can get to know you a little and make sure this program is right for you!