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FREE Meal Plan + Prep Workshop

You’ve been asking for it and HERE it is!!!! I’m hosting an AMAZING 6 DAY Meal Planning & Meal Prepping WORKSHOP!! Planning my menu and prepping my meals for the week has helped TREMENDOUSLY to keep me on track and set myself up for a successful healthy week! I cannot stress enough how important this […]

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Week 2 Review + Week 3, Here We Go!

Yesterday was rest day and the end of week 2 so I took my photos, weight, and measurements and am BLOWN AWAY! I knew I was seeing and feeling changes in my body, but WOW! I feel sooooo good today! Of course as I am writing this post I am at work and do not […]

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22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 2, Day 2

Week 1 flew by and WHEW! am I happy about it! I finished every single workout so far, and for that I am extremely proud. I do have to admit and I so sore and tired today and I am already trying to come up with an excuse to NOT workout tonight, but I told […]

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